How Successful Are Nasal Polyps Surgery?

Many people find out that the surgery for nasal polyps was a success.

This is not the same with all the people. Every individual is different and the trigger for nasal polyps may be different in each case.

If you experience nasal polyps due to allergens or due to genetics then you may see reoccurrence of nasal polyps.

In such cases the surgery only provides temporary relief and you will require future treatment.


This is the reason one needs to find the real cause of the polyps before going for surgery.

Normally your doctor should be able to tell you this after he gives medicine for the first time.

In some cases it may take a little more testing before the doctor can tell you the actual cause of nasal polyps.

Unless your polyps are really serious making breathing very difficult there is no reason for you to rush in for surgery.

In fact many people try to avoid surgery unless life becomes impossible without it.

Any kind of surgery does involve a risk and there is no point in taking that risk unless absolutely necessary.

You never know, one small error in the surgery can lead to other health problems.

Therefore always better to play it safe and go with natural treatments for nasal polyps that are proven to work.