Is removal of nasal polyps painful?

Surgery for nasal polyps has come a long way. In the past the surgery was dome with external incisions. This involved making surgical cuts on the mouth and face. After surgery a lot of material was placed in the nose to control bleeding. This use to cause a lot of pain and discomfort for the patient and recovery time was often long.

Now there is advanced technology available in the form of nasal endoscopy and this allows the nasal polyps surgery to be performed without incisions in the face and mouth.

With nasal endoscopy the surgeon uses a lighted telescope to see inside the nose and sinuses. Normally there is small video camera at the end of endoscope that provides all the view.

With this technology, there is very little nasal packing that is done after the surgery.

The patient only experiences mild pain and the recovery period is short, usually less than two weeks.

If all the post surgery medicines are taken at regular times then you can be attending office in less than two weeks.

Of course, during the recovery period one should not be doing any kind of activity that can create pressure in the nasal cavity and sinuses. Workouts, bending, weight lifting etc are strickly banned after a nasal polyps surgery.

Only in chronic cases of nasal polyps a surgery may be required. In chronic cases they polyps may not go away even after sufficient medical treatment is given. Normally a case is considered chronic if the inflammation, pain and swelling do not go away for a period of at least 3 months with sufficient medicines.


Of course, your doctor is the best person to analyze and take a call about your condition before a decision to perform surgery is taken. It is always good to take a second opinion from another doctor before surgery.