What Are The Conventional Nasal Polyps Treatment Options?

If you feel that you have nasal polyps or your nose is blocked due to small grape like growths, you should visit a doctor.

The doctor will examine you and determine if you need to undergo a scan of the nasal area.

The scan will reveal if there is some other problem like the chronic sinus that is causing the polyps.


After the cause is established the doctor is going to recommend you some medicines.

To start with the doctor may recommend a nasal steroid spray. This will help in shrinking the polyps, clear the nasal blockage and control the runny nose.

If bacterial sinus infection is causing you nasal polyps then you may be recommended antibiotics.

If allergy is triggering the polyps then you may be given Antihistamines to control runny nose and inflammation.

Sometimes the doctor may prescribe oral steroids to control the symptoms of nasal polyps. However steroids cannot be used for a long time because they have side effects.

Other than this you may be asked to avoid some foods that are detrimental for nasal polyps.

Steam inhaling and other simple steps can often give quick results if you want some relief quickly.