What Treatments Should Be Tried Before Nasal Polyps Surgery?

Before you decide about nasal polyps surgery it is important that you have tried all possible reasonable medical treatments for this problem. It may be herbal nasal polyps treatment or other natural treatment.

The list of medicines that can treat nasal polyps is quite extensive. There are prescription medicines as well as over the counter products that you can use.

In case your problem is very acute then antibiotics may be prescribed by your doctor. Along with antibiotics you may have to use a nasal saline rinse or a nasal spray.

Steroid nasal sprays are effective for decongesting the nose but then cannot be used for more that 3 days.


Using steroid sprays for more than 3 days will make you dependent on the spray and your condition may actually worsen. It is good to keep other nasal polyps home remedies as backup.

Steroids do have side effects and therefore people with heart problem or high blood pressure should definitely consult a doctor before using steroidal nasal spray.