Herbs For Nasal Polyps

To relieve the congestion produced by nasal polyps, we can put a couple of cardamom seeds in hot charcoal and inhale the vapors. It is also useful if we do it with pepper seeds or inhale eucalyptus oil.

To eliminate nasal polyps we can mix two cups of grated horseradish with two cups of honey, and one teaspoon of the mixture should be taken.


The polyps may disappear when that mixture is finished. We can also take herbal tea like the hay flowers, although you can also inhale the steam of these teas regularly.

Another herb for polyps of nose that can help us is the Xanthium, an East Asian beast that is used dry to clear moisture from the mucous membranes and open the nasal passages. You can not use this herb if we have diabetes. Magnolia, on the other hand, has the same effect, only that it is not recommended if we suffer from constipation.

It is very useful golden seal, which is used especially roots to stop bleeding and because it has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. This should not be used if we are pregnant.